Sunday, September 28, 2008

Black Leather Heads

A few weeks ago- right before BYU classes began- Levi and Hil decided they needed to dye their hair. I volunteered my services as an expertly-trained reader of hair-dye directions. The chosen color was "Black Leather." The weird thing about this dye is that it is a light pink-colored syrup sort of liquid. The is very deceiving because a few minutes after application it darkens into the blackness you see below. It is hard to apply because you don't know when enough is enough! Oh yes, and the other thing is that if you get any on yourself in a place you did not plan you discover it after it is too late to get it off without some major scrubbing!
It was a lot of fun, though!

Here is Hil after application and Levi is getting his beard done. Hee hee. I was laughing a little much and it was quite difficult at time to put the color onto the toothbrush I was using!

Hilary still cooking.

Coloring Uncle Levi's potey face.

The finished product. I don't have a picture of Hil- but this one of Levi is precious. hee hee He looks like an evil Santa!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last Monday we received an adorable package- a new nephew, care of my wonderful sister-in-law (well, Aaron helped a little) Dine! Little Aaron Darby was born weighing a bit more than 7lbs and with an unlimited supply of cuteness! The cousins were able to go in and visit so we brought the camera to capture the moment.

Eve loved holding the little guy- she held him the most and was so careful and gentle with him.
Esther, on the other hand, expressed a desire to hold him but when it came down to the moment was happy with about five and half seconds of baby holding. hee hee

I stole the baby when the children weren't in possession. He is quite the cute little man.
Isaac loved his fellow manly cousin and even sang a lullaby to him. (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) It was insanely adorable and I wanted to eat them both.

Embassy Ball

My summer ballroom team competed in the national formation team competition at the Embassy Ball in Irvine, CA the last weekend of August. It was a pretty crazy weekend full of late nights and early mornings- I spent the day after we got back sleeping. It was a lot of fun and we did really well- especiall considering that most of the people dancing learned and performed the medleys in the past two months! We placed second in our Latin medley and second with our Standard medley. There were a few mishaps- ask me about my partner falling on top of me sometime! hee hee oh well, accidents happen! Anyhow, it was a good experience!

SO, here are the girls in the Latin medley.

and some fun with reflective surfaces in costume before we went on.This is my friend Alayne and me before the standard medley- she is awesome.

This is one of my favorite pictures- Chris and Scott- Chris directed the summer team and Scott is our UVU Ballroom director. They are pretty fun guys.

Here is the team after we competed. My dance partners are on the right end- Daisuke and fourth from the right, Abraham.