Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Starvin' kids in Africa

So, tonight, I made a delicious stir-fry. Isaac scarfed it down. Eve decided that she didn't want to eat any cooked vegetables. Esther was just picking at her food. I decided to lay the law down and told the girls that they had two choices. One - they could go straight to bed or two - they could sit at the table until all their food was gone. I wandered away to the kitchen for a moment. When I came back, Esther was in the bathroom. I asked what she was doing because I thought she was stalling. She said that she was going to throwup.

Ha! I thought and told her in my most manly Dad voice, "then you can throw up at the table. Get back there."

Surprisingly, she came right out, took three steps, and threw up on the carpet.

Yeah, she called my bluff.


Update: 1:27 am - Eve also decided to throw up. Much more gross. And no, it wasn't food poisoning from dinner. Everyone who actually ate their food (me, Emily, and Isaac) are just fine.