Monday, April 19, 2010

I hate to be redundant. . .

but there is still no baby being born over here.
Went in this morning for a visit. Dilated to 3- yea!
They wouldn't strip my membranes because the midwife on call had her hands full of laboring pregos and the other hospital. . .
but tomorrow I shall call and see if things have slowed down a bit. . . .

In any case, I have an induction scheduled for Wed. fun stuff- NOT. SO want to avoid that crappiness but I'd rather be induced than stuck in prego purgatory.

Oh yes, a side note: yesterday I started taking blue and black cohosh and it seems to have kicked some things into gear. . . . .

SO, stay tuned for more exciting info when we have some to share!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prego Purgatory

There are no pictures attached to this blog because there is absolutely NOTHING to share.
That's right- it is now Baby Day + 4 and no baby!
Monday we went in to be "checked" and we were starting to dilate. STARTING. Ugh.
Now it is Wednesday and still no good contractions.
It's not that I'm retaining water and horribly uncomfortable- I'm sick of being huge and sleeping on my side and having people ask me when I'm due- yeah, FOUR DAYS ago!!!!!
I should be grateful for being healthy.
Yes, I have been blessed with being really healthy. yea.
Now, can we get this thing out, please????!!?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hiking the "Y"

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Sunny, warm. . . my husband decided that a hike up the nearby mountain would be just the thing. When I said I was coming, he gave me a LOOK that said he thought I was being insane and irresponsible. I told him that I was merely planning to go up a bit until I felt that I had reached my maximum capacity for hiking- then I would go back to the parking lot and read a book in the car. . . .
That was the plan- and it was a beautiful one. We brought snacks for me to munch on while waiting, snacks for them to munch on at the end of the trail, plenty of water. . . and so began the trek.
There are 11 turns on the way up. My goal was to do at least 2. After the first turn, I was a little tired but kept plodding on. When we passed 2, I felt fine. . . and 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. . . . and so on. I felt a little winded at times, and started feeling a bit worn out around 8- but then I decided to press on- only a few more turns to go and we'd be at the top! SO, we kept going.
Oh yes, a note about the children: in the car Esther said that she "never gets tired" and Eve and ISaac and she had a whole discussion about how they were "super hikers." About twenty yards up from the parking lot, the whining began. "My legs are tired! Carry me!" hee hee But we, being the evil parents we are, made them walk. After the initial reluctance to use their legs, they were pretty good little troopers. In all fairness, the first leg up from the parking lot is pretty steep and I kind of wanted Patrick to carry me up, too!
Eve was the best little hiker. She was like a tireless mountain goat and kept ahead of the pack pretty much the entire trek upwards- and down for that matter. My personal methodology was to keep that "slow and steady wins the race" mentality going- Eve stayed with me and would scamper up and down the trail while I plodded near her. She even attempted to drag me up the mountain occasionally when a bench was in sight to rest on, "Come on, Mom! There's a bench, let's hurry!"
Isaac did really well, too. Esther was our lagger but Patrick stuck with her and encouraged her upwards and she trooped on- despite the fact that her "legs are soooooo tired."
ANYHOW, we all made it to the top!
There were quite a few other hikers on the trail. AND a lot of them had dogs- and of course, we had to stop and pet the dogs and learn their names along the way. Patrick brought the GPS and timed our upward journey. It took us an hour up- thirty minutes of that moving (at an average of .2mph I think he said) and the other thirty minutes was spent resting and dog-petting.
Funny story: so, we reach the top and we're sitting there having our snack (well, my snack was down in the car since I didn't think I'd make it this far) and about ten feet away are these teenage/early twenty-somethings whining to each other about how tired they were and how worn out they felt, boo hoo!
Patrick and I looked at each other, our small children, my belly, and kind of laughed to ourselves.

So, we made it- up and down!
Down was a lot faster, as it always is. We stopped for a few new dogs but mostly just skipped down the mountain.
As for the baby- we had some really good contractions while hiking. That's about it. Haven't had any really good ones since. Urgh. What more must I do to jump-start this labor???

Eve and me- the "Y" is in sight!
Chillin' at the top- and I do mean chilling. It was a lot colder up there- in combination with us not moving!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lower. . . lower. . . . ugh

Yesterday we went to the park for a couple of hours. I spent about a half hour swinging on various swings and walking about. . . . Today the baby appears to be at least four inches lower than she was yesterday so SOMETHING is going on in there. . . at least things are going in the right direction!
Now I feel like everything in my pelvic floor is being constantly smashed with a hammer when I walk- fun! No serious contractions, though, so who knows???

Oh, and my husband informed me two days ago that he will be gone for the weekend- he must go work in Salt Lake. Fun!
Luckily, my mother is driving down and she will be here Saturday so if I actually go into labor on my due date, someone will be there with me other than hospital personnell!

I decided today that I am officially tired of being pregnant.
So, baby, your eviction notice has been served!!

Oh, and we have a tentative name that we agreed on yesterday:
Leah Pearl
Pearl is a mixing of our mothers' names, hee hee. Ok, we don't use all the letters from both names- but they are all present in one or the other! (Pamela and Cheryl)
So, yea.
Stay tuned for more exciting news. . . .

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Any Time Now. . . .

Last night I finished the baby's afghan. Here is a picture of it. Oh yes, it is bright pink. While wandering about the yarn aisle in Joanne's, I twittered between ivories and sea greens- for Isaac's and Eve's blankets I went with stereotypical blue and light pink. Esther, being a mystery baby (we didn't find out if she was "pink" or "blue" until she was born) got a gender-neutral white blanket. I wasn't sure what to do with baby girl #3 until I saw the hot pink thread- then I knew that it was perfect!
Now that the blanket is finished, she can come any time! Everything is ready. We've got a place to sleep and clothes, food. . . and I no longer fit in the stupid chairs with desks attached to them that make up the seating in some of my classes- so the sooner the better!

So, baby, you can come any time!