Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Toady Isaac

Last weekend was my ballroom company's social- a picnic at one of the many parks up Provo Canyon. Don't ask which one because I still have no idea! Anyhow, my coach is a photography fanatic and he caught our darling Isaac doing this. Just thought I'd share! (FYI- that is a piece of watermelon in his mouth.)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Bags

SO. . . . with these new activities the children are starting, I thought they needed a bag to put things in like shoes and tights and leotards so they don't lose them. I haven't made Isaac his yet because he needs a more manly-like version, but here are the lovely bags I made for the girls!

Ballet/Taekwondo/Gymnastics Kids

I always said that I wasn't going to put my children into lessons until they were at least six. . . . this year I broke down and put everyone into something because I have no more convictions. . .or something. Anyhow, Isaac is taking Taekwondo, Eve is in dance, or as she calls it, "ballerina class", and Esther-loo is doing gymnastics. This week they had their first lessons so we had to document the moments with pictures!

Eve in ballerina class- you can't see but her teacher is a man. It was so cute to see him teaching his little flock of girls. Eve is actually awesome in her class, despite the plies you see below. (I am trying not to judge on the first day)

Isaac in class. The teacher turns around with the pool noodle and they have to duck or jump over.

Esther in mid-jump. Ok, I think she is incredibly adorable in her gymnastics ensemble! What a little poser.
We'll work on the sickled feet. Ah! Not a show mom, not a show mom, not a show mom. . .

Monkies Go Back to School

Last week we had the long-dreaded day: the first day of school! Actually, there was no dread present because both Isaac and Eve were really excited to go! Eve went to her first day of Kindergarten and Isaac had his first day of 2nd Grade. Aren't they adorable?

Bye Mom! We're big kids now.