Sunday, November 15, 2009

UVU Ballroom Company Concert coming up!

Our Ballroom Company fall concert is coming up! It starts the Thursday evening after Thanksgiving and runs that weekend Fri, Sat (matinee & evening) - Dec 3-6 and the following Monday evening, Dec 8. I think the evening shows start at 7:30 and the matinee at 1? I could be wrong- check comments for updates. The ticket are $10 and seating is open so get there a bit early. Pretty much all the seats are ok but it's nice to be nearer to the center!

WELL, I hope to see you all there!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun With Hogle Zoo

A few weeks ago we decided to go check out the zoo before the weather turned cold. It was a perfect day to go- still warm but not the roasting-hotness it was in the summer!
Our number one goal was to see the baby elephant. Oh my GOODNESS, that baby elephant was cute!! Unfortunately, I didn't realize we had the camera with us at that time (she was the first animal we looked at) so we don't have any pictures. Boo hoo. It really is a shame because she was the cutest animal I have EVER seen. So, if you want to see the baby elephant, you are just going to have to come down here and visit us!
Anyhow, after Patrick got the camera out of his bag we got a few fun pictures:

Esther had a very terrifying encounter with one of the zoo animals.

The alligator was still hungry after devouring Esther. . . .
Waiting in line for the train.
The Mamma Tiger with her three babies.
Two giraffes and three monkies.
I think they are looking at penguins here. . . .
Here, turkey turkey, Thanksgiving is coming soon! Yes, keep eating . . . mmmmm . . . . see you on the table later!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

#2 turns 6!

My first view of the little pink baby. (Eve)

Six years ago this week Eve was born! She was a beautiful little baby. She enjoyed using her loyal subjects as pillows. . . .

I can't believe that tiny little baby has grown into such a humongous little girl! Ok, she's not really huge- she's scrawny and little but her personality is huge! Eve loves to draw and play with her big brother and little sister. She loves to sing and dance and run around like a crazy person! She has a big imagination and a big heart. Eve is my best snuggler and she takes care of everyone around her. If someone is cold she'll get a blanket and "snug" them under it. Evie has a spunky side, too- and she's a little bossy. I have no idea where she inherited that trait from. . . anyhow, I am so happy to have such a precious little person in my family! I am grateful for my Eve!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mary and her Little Lambchop

My small children have been looking forward to Halloween for the last few months. About two months ago I dragged them to JoAnne's Fabrics to get something and we ended up looking at Halloween patterns. At first, Esther wanted to be Snow White. Isaac wanted to be a vampire and Eve was going to be a fairy. But then Eve found a pattern with a beautiful girl in pink holding a shepherds' crook and everything changed. "Esther! I am going to Mary and YOU are going to be my little lamb!" I cringed in anticipation of Esther's displeasure at being forced into a role chosen for her- but she immediately was enthusiastic and so the deal was sealed! We quickly found a little lamb pattern and went in search of material.
(You may think I am neglecting Isaac- so let me say that he found a Robin Hood costume and was hooked. There are, however, no pictures of him in this post because he refused to stop playing on the computer and put his costume on when I was taking pictures of his sisters and when he finally put it on I couldn't find the camera anywhere! Esther had it and Patrick found it the next day behind the couch. SO you must wait for the story of Robin Hood for now.)
ANYHOW, the little girls were insanely, disgustingly cute and here are the pictures to prove it!
Unfortunately, while we were trick or treating, everyone accused Eve of being Bo Peep- and she was constantly frusterated and corrected everyone who was silly enough to not recognize a Mary with her Little Lamb when they saw one!