Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Creative Eve

If you know our little Evie- you know that she LOVES to draw! Here is her stylized drawing of "Purple Pie" Esther-loo's pet toy poodle. I love that she doesn't use the exact same colors- she definitely knows exactly how she wants it done- HER way!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's What's for Dinner!


Dinner tomorrow: already lined up!


Last week it was Eve's special day at school. She insisted on wearing her Cinderella dress AND having me do her hair like Cinderella. I thought it was too stinking cute so I took pictures to share with you all!

New Arrivals

No. You are not hallucinating- those really are chickens.
Patrick has this crazy plan to raise chickens for eggs- and to eat them in the fall. Hmm. . . we'll see about that last part. This is the day we got them when we brought them home in a box from the store.
Three chickens, three children- each kid got to name a chick. Isaac's is the brown one on the right- he named his Francois.
Eve's is the yellow one. She named hers Hannah.
Esther's little black chick's name is Fluffy.

Eve loves to pet the chicks. Here she is holding Fluffy. Oh, boy. It begins.

Right about now,Fluffy is screaming for help!

Help me!

Patrick made them a little chicken wire place where they'd be safe- oh, wait, Esther can still get in! Our cat, however, cannot. Speaking of Cat- she was VERY excited about the chicks and tried to get them a couple times when we first brought them home. Now she'll leave them alone if they are together- but if one wanders off. . . .

Now, it is a few weeks later and the chicks are shedding their cute-fluffiness for grown-up feathers.

AND Patrick is building a new chicken coop for them. Here are the kids painting it.

Maybe if we hide here those huge monsters won't find us!

When the new abode is finished, I'll take some more pictures. Oh, and a note about chickens- you can't tell if they are female or male until they are grown- so we really have no idea what we've got yet! hee hee

Seriously Silly Easter Monkies

Silly Easter Monkey

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers ROCK.

This Mother's Day kind of snuck up on me. Last year's video extravaganza will not, unfortunately, be topped by this year's offering. Feel free to look it up in the archives if you so desire.

Ok, if you really need it, here's the address:

I have been reflecting a lot lately on what exactly makes a "good" mother. Some would be horrified at the scene depicted above- a mother with a child on a leash, treating her child like some kind of animal! Others would applaud the safety of ensuring that you won't be separated. What I am trying to say from this small example is that I have decided that attempting to find out the social norm or ideal societal image is tiring and confusing and contradictory!

I realize that I must decide for myself what a good mother is. I am definitely not a perfect mother but I keep trying to be what I think I should.

Luckily, I have always had my mother to look to for a good example. I have also had many adopted mothers, a wonderful mother-in-law, grandmothers. and aunts that have helped as well! SO, thank you MOTHERS!!! I love you.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tea Party

Eve picked flowers from our yard and set the table for her and Esther to have a lovely tea party.
Of course it's herbal tea. . . .


Utah is a wonder of strange weather. This hike actually occured weeks ago when I thought that spring had its hold on the world- it was only a few days later when we had a blizzard. It's been an on again, off again kind of spring but during this particular window of warmth we went hiking with my wonderful friend Alayne and her puppy jack. The plan was to go to Squaw Peak but the road was closed halfway up so we went across the highway instead. It was a terribly grueling hike and we had to climb up sheer rock faces several times! Jack "helped" Alayne up the not-so-steep places by dragging her up and Patrick stole Esther's sun hat! What a day. But we survived.S