Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finally Finished

I purchased the crib last Saturday, had my brother help me get it out of the car on Monday. . . then it sat there. . . and sat there. . . . waiting for someone to take pity on it and set it up!
Finally I called my brother Levi to help me- and he set it up on Wednesday! Hooray!
With that task finished, I started on the crib bumper the next day. I finally finished it last night! Hooray- so here are pictures of the crib and its beautiful bumper.
I found a tutorial online at:
for directions. It wasn't very complicated but it took a while since it is so loooooong. . . anyhow, it turned out so cute!
Esther, my picture stylist, added the frog. What a wonderful helper she is. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby Shower

Hello! My good friend Aleisha decided to take pity on my and do a baby shower. It's this Saturday- oh we know, short notice- at 1pm at an unspecified location that will be announced later!

-a Boppy!
-a baby sling
-Graco Element Pack n Play- Melanie (you can find it at Target and maybe Walmart)
-Fisher-Price Newborn-Toddler Portable Rocker
-of course, we can always use CLOTHES ( ESTHER has been through them!)
- anything that looks like fun- just remember that if it makes a lot of noise you will PAY.
-Diapers are always a welcome addition
-cute nursing tops for me. Selfish, I know.
-One of those nursing cape things. . . can't think of what they are really called. . .
-baby gate
-World Peace!

I also think it may be helpful to know what I already have so here is another
car seat,
bouncy chair,
bike trailer,
infant bike seat. . . . .
There you have it! I hope you can come!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Chosen Sleeping Vessel

SO, I was inspired by the car seat and stroller and when the monkies and I were in Target today I did it- I purchased a crib! I have been looking online at classifieds and similary sites to see what was out there and really there is nothing right now that I want to buy. There are some used ones that are ancient, wobbly-looking things that they really should pay YOU for to take off their hands. . . there are also newer ones that were only used for one recent child but those people are asking for about twenty to ten dollars below what you can get a brand new one at- so I was looking online and comparing store prices and the one I got is just what I wanted!

It converts to a toddler bed, which is what I wanted-) oh and a day bed which is the same thing with the mattress at a different level)
ANYHOW, I haven't assembled it yet since I don't want to drag it out of the car myself. . .hmm, note to self: induce labor by moving large heavy box. . . hmmm. . . . Levi is coming over tomorrow so perhaps he will take pity upon his poor fat sister and help! :)
SO there aren't any lovely pictures of it in the girls' room (and I haven't made bumper pads or anything yet) BUT I got the picture from the site so you can see what it will look like!
Tomorrow I shall sew like a madwoman. I have a few projects I am working on (including crib linens) and now I have motivation for actually doing them!
Hooray for babies!

Latest Arrival!

The Graco Alano Travel System: Melanie

Esther modeling the stroller.
The beautiful girl carseat- and baby waiting to get in. Patience, baby, you have to come out first!

Yes, I am mean because our newest arrival is NOT a baby. . . yet.
We got a wonderful package from my mother-in-law (THanks, Mom Darby!) while Esther-loo and I were hanging out and watching Jumanjii and making some costume accessories. . . another story-
ANYHOW, here are pictures of the contents!
Car seat, CHECK!
Stroller, CHECK!
And they are the cutest and girliest things, ever.
I have been a bit sad about this baby because it looked like she was going to get everything handed down to her. Not that a baby cares, I know (another subject I could babble about all day like elaborate first birthdays. . . ), but I care. So, at least she will travel in girl-baby style!
Next item:
Crib. The children and I are going to go look at things today. I want one that converts to a toddler bed. . . . we shall see. . . .

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Best Laid Plans. . . .

I have receiving many inquiries about my "plan" for the birth of this munchkind.
"Are you usually late?"
"Do you go early??"
The answer is: I have no idea.
Isaac was about a week early. (He was due Jan 3 and born Dec 24.) My water broke and we were induced.
Eve was four days late. (She was supposed to be a Halloween baby but held out till the 4th of Nov.) She was all natural- but does this count as my first "real" birth since Isaac was induced??
Esther was induced and born on her due date.
SO, basically the answer is: I have no idea, still.

Last night I was actually thinking about what plans should be made.
There are a few other small questions such as,
If baby comes early:
"Will my husband be present at the birth of this child or will he still be Korea?"
"How am I going to pass all my classes this semester?"
Other questions also come to mind:
"What should I wear?"
I have a baby outfit already. No carseat yet though, hmmm. . . working on that.
Since I don't know to plan for early or late or whatever, I decided to take care of the MOST important issue: Who is to watch the monkies while I am giving birth? The other questions pale in comparison to this. . . I can't let them out into the yard or duct tape their limbs and throw them into a closet. . .
There are no grandparents near enough to be called to come over and watch children so THAT's out. . .
SO considering the responsible parties nearby with the ability to drop what they are doing and come:
My dear brother Levi graciously accepted the position. Thank you, Levi!
Now that's one issue down, three hundred to go.
The rest will take care of itself.
I am packing a bag tonight, though. . . . just in case. . . .