Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A New Twist

You probably saw it coming, felt the ground move as it approached- but I must admit I was clueless that the end of my marriage was drawing near.
Yes, we had problems, yes yes yes.  I'm not going to dwell on that.  The core of the thing is that, as of yesterday, our family changed officially and finally as Patrick and my divorce became final.
The blog will have to adjust to the newness of this world.  I considered changing the blog name, but as I have control of posting and I am keeping the Darby surname (for now), it still fits.  Everything is new once more.
So, if you want sordid details, come to Anchorage and we'll have lunch. . . then dinner. . .then breakfast- it would take a while to get it all out.  In essence, there was a failing, then fight after fight- then an epic battle followed by a year's separation and more fighting. . . I might talk about things later but for now- it's over and I don't really want to discuss details here.
How do I feel?  Elated!  Depressed.  Smug.  Uncomfortable. Afraid.  Overjoyed! Anxious. Indifferent. Relaxed. Confused.  Content.  Happy.  Agitated. Exhausted.  Brave.  Overwhelmed.  Hopeful.
It's a mosh pit of emotions.  
Mostly, I am hopeful.