Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer is FLYING by!

I looked at a calendar today and realized that the summer is almost half-way over! AHHHH!!
It hasn't really felt like much of a break since I still have classes every morning from 7am-11 or 1- depending on the day.
On the up-side, I am getting incredibly BUFF.
Did I mention that I am taking a modern dance technique class?
I am required to take two semesters to graduate and I have been DREADING taking this class for various reasons. . . . mainly because certain modern dance instructors that I have interacted with are not appreciators of my chosen genre- even though I am not a ballroom dancer, I do not think of myself AS a Ballroom Dancer. . . . I am a dancer of all genres who happens to be getting her degree in ballroom dance. . . .
ANYHOW, I decided to take a deep breath and jump in and take my first class this summer.
My instructor is AWESOME!! . . . . and sometimes scary.
She will demonstrate our combinations- ok, a word about her background: she danced in the Diavolo dance company for 8 years- a company that is known for using these HUGE props that they fly off of and roll and land and do all kinds of crazy things that require a lot of strength and just overall amazingness.
She demonstrates a combination and I stare. She leaps in the air, lands, twists, turns, leaps, rolls. . . . inside my head I am screaming. BUT I learned something about myself: I can do it!
I was really afraid to try these crazy things but I made myself do it and now. . . . I like it. No, I LOVE it. It is seriously so much fun and now I love modern dance!
Funny how things turn out.

As for the rest of summer- the children got out of school the last week of May and they have been busy terrorizing the new neighborhood. There are quite a few little friends to be found within a block or two so every day we'll have a posse of children roaming about- or an eerie quiet when they travel elsewhere.

Another great thing about summer- our gardens! Yes, I must say gardenS because we have a spring garden, a summer garden, an herb garden, a corn garden, and a sunflower garden! That's a lot of gardens- not to mention the flower garden that I am reclaiming from the invasive ground-cover some previous owner let go crazy in the front yard!
When I can download some pictures, I will post them.
Or you could look at my facebook page because I can post pictures from my phone there.

That is is beauty and curse of the iphone. . . . I use it pretty much exclusively for taking pictures now but (long story) I can't download them to my laptop and I can't download them from my phone to the blog (unless someone knows of an APP???) so unless we're facebook friends, you'll have to wait until I figure out the deal with my laptop.

WELL, much, MUCH love to you all and I will attempt to get cracking on that picture-downloading thing!