Friday, March 12, 2010

Latest Arrival!

The Graco Alano Travel System: Melanie

Esther modeling the stroller.
The beautiful girl carseat- and baby waiting to get in. Patience, baby, you have to come out first!

Yes, I am mean because our newest arrival is NOT a baby. . . yet.
We got a wonderful package from my mother-in-law (THanks, Mom Darby!) while Esther-loo and I were hanging out and watching Jumanjii and making some costume accessories. . . another story-
ANYHOW, here are pictures of the contents!
Car seat, CHECK!
Stroller, CHECK!
And they are the cutest and girliest things, ever.
I have been a bit sad about this baby because it looked like she was going to get everything handed down to her. Not that a baby cares, I know (another subject I could babble about all day like elaborate first birthdays. . . ), but I care. So, at least she will travel in girl-baby style!
Next item:
Crib. The children and I are going to go look at things today. I want one that converts to a toddler bed. . . . we shall see. . . .


pamela said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! What a cute little girl modeling the stroller! I am so glad that Eve loves it too! The last week or so lasts longer than any other week ever! Love you!

Patrick said...

Esther looks so BIG and lanky!

evamarie said...

I have this set, except in blue with puppies and I love it. Yea for new baby things!!

Erin said...

So cute Emily! I also got the Graco Alano travel system for Isabelle last year, it's an awesome system, the stroller unfolds easily with one hand :D

Esther is sooo cute, btw.