Thursday, March 4, 2010

Best Laid Plans. . . .

I have receiving many inquiries about my "plan" for the birth of this munchkind.
"Are you usually late?"
"Do you go early??"
The answer is: I have no idea.
Isaac was about a week early. (He was due Jan 3 and born Dec 24.) My water broke and we were induced.
Eve was four days late. (She was supposed to be a Halloween baby but held out till the 4th of Nov.) She was all natural- but does this count as my first "real" birth since Isaac was induced??
Esther was induced and born on her due date.
SO, basically the answer is: I have no idea, still.

Last night I was actually thinking about what plans should be made.
There are a few other small questions such as,
If baby comes early:
"Will my husband be present at the birth of this child or will he still be Korea?"
"How am I going to pass all my classes this semester?"
Other questions also come to mind:
"What should I wear?"
I have a baby outfit already. No carseat yet though, hmmm. . . working on that.
Since I don't know to plan for early or late or whatever, I decided to take care of the MOST important issue: Who is to watch the monkies while I am giving birth? The other questions pale in comparison to this. . . I can't let them out into the yard or duct tape their limbs and throw them into a closet. . .
There are no grandparents near enough to be called to come over and watch children so THAT's out. . .
SO considering the responsible parties nearby with the ability to drop what they are doing and come:
My dear brother Levi graciously accepted the position. Thank you, Levi!
Now that's one issue down, three hundred to go.
The rest will take care of itself.
I am packing a bag tonight, though. . . . just in case. . . .