Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finally Finished

I purchased the crib last Saturday, had my brother help me get it out of the car on Monday. . . then it sat there. . . and sat there. . . . waiting for someone to take pity on it and set it up!
Finally I called my brother Levi to help me- and he set it up on Wednesday! Hooray!
With that task finished, I started on the crib bumper the next day. I finally finished it last night! Hooray- so here are pictures of the crib and its beautiful bumper.
I found a tutorial online at:
for directions. It wasn't very complicated but it took a while since it is so loooooong. . . anyhow, it turned out so cute!
Esther, my picture stylist, added the frog. What a wonderful helper she is. :)


MegJill said...

It is beautiful! Wow. I can't believe you made the bumper! It looks expensive! You did an amazing job. And I like the crib you picked out!

Emily said...

Thanks, Megan!

Katie The Lady said...

I love the butterflies! You are so talented!!! I couldn't sew in a straight line if my life depended on it-hahahah. The bumper looks like it came from a magizine-wonderful job!

friend said...
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Darby Family said...

That is really cute Emily! Good job!

pamela said...

I'm getting impatient... :D