Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mary and her Little Lambchop

My small children have been looking forward to Halloween for the last few months. About two months ago I dragged them to JoAnne's Fabrics to get something and we ended up looking at Halloween patterns. At first, Esther wanted to be Snow White. Isaac wanted to be a vampire and Eve was going to be a fairy. But then Eve found a pattern with a beautiful girl in pink holding a shepherds' crook and everything changed. "Esther! I am going to Mary and YOU are going to be my little lamb!" I cringed in anticipation of Esther's displeasure at being forced into a role chosen for her- but she immediately was enthusiastic and so the deal was sealed! We quickly found a little lamb pattern and went in search of material.
(You may think I am neglecting Isaac- so let me say that he found a Robin Hood costume and was hooked. There are, however, no pictures of him in this post because he refused to stop playing on the computer and put his costume on when I was taking pictures of his sisters and when he finally put it on I couldn't find the camera anywhere! Esther had it and Patrick found it the next day behind the couch. SO you must wait for the story of Robin Hood for now.)
ANYHOW, the little girls were insanely, disgustingly cute and here are the pictures to prove it!
Unfortunately, while we were trick or treating, everyone accused Eve of being Bo Peep- and she was constantly frusterated and corrected everyone who was silly enough to not recognize a Mary with her Little Lamb when they saw one!


Cheryl said...

Don't tell Eve, but I thought of bo peep as well. I like Mary with her little lamb!! The girls are absolutely, incredibly adorable!! Great job on the costumes!!

Sarah and Ryan said...

That is so incredibly adorable. Those costumes are so cute! And well done Emily. They are my favorite halloween costumes of 2009.

pamela said...

Emily, the costumes are amazing! So, so, so adorable! I can't wait to see Robin Hood!

Mari said...

You MADE those costumes? Impressive! OK, so the Ekstrom genes are SO strong -- Eve totally looks like your brother Ben? Some families just have "a look" and you can just tell they belong to a certain clan. It is incredibly strong in your family! (it is a good thing -- CUTE!) Well done on the costumes!

Emily said...

Thank you, costume admirers. They were actually really easy to make! :) Patrick, silly me I didn't mention, actually made Eve's lamb-herdess staff. He did a great job, too!