Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun With Hogle Zoo

A few weeks ago we decided to go check out the zoo before the weather turned cold. It was a perfect day to go- still warm but not the roasting-hotness it was in the summer!
Our number one goal was to see the baby elephant. Oh my GOODNESS, that baby elephant was cute!! Unfortunately, I didn't realize we had the camera with us at that time (she was the first animal we looked at) so we don't have any pictures. Boo hoo. It really is a shame because she was the cutest animal I have EVER seen. So, if you want to see the baby elephant, you are just going to have to come down here and visit us!
Anyhow, after Patrick got the camera out of his bag we got a few fun pictures:

Esther had a very terrifying encounter with one of the zoo animals.

The alligator was still hungry after devouring Esther. . . .
Waiting in line for the train.
The Mamma Tiger with her three babies.
Two giraffes and three monkies.
I think they are looking at penguins here. . . .
Here, turkey turkey, Thanksgiving is coming soon! Yes, keep eating . . . mmmmm . . . . see you on the table later!


Darby Family said...

I cannot believe how tall Isaac is getting! I can;'t wait to see you guys soon. Hope you took that turkey home with you; we're coming up hungry.

pamela said...

That alligator sure has good taste! Yummy Esther! Yummy Eve! I think the idea of eating made Emily hungry - she sure looks that way when she salivated at that turkey!
That looks like such a fun zoo trip.

Cheryl said...

What fun! What better place to take monkeys than the zoo?? Glad Esther survived the alligator!