Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Bags

SO. . . . with these new activities the children are starting, I thought they needed a bag to put things in like shoes and tights and leotards so they don't lose them. I haven't made Isaac his yet because he needs a more manly-like version, but here are the lovely bags I made for the girls!


Jenn said...

Love the bags Emily. I might have to copy your ideas, given the crazy ballet/piano lesson/cross country running/wrestling schedule we're finding ourselves in at our house. Your so talented Em.

Emily said...

The bags were super easy and fast to make! I found the pattern on the Better Homes and Gardens website so check it out if you want to recreate one!

Cheryl said...

CUTE! You stole my bag pattern! I have made a dozen of these so far! Fun and fast!!

Love the fun colors!!

MegJill said...

So much to say. First, your kids look adorable on their first day of school. I can't believe your son is in 2nd grade already!
Second, I love the bags.
Third, I kind of had that same lesson vow with myself. Didn't last. once they get to a certain age it is nice to have something to take them to. Your kids look so happy, and I love that Esther calls it ballerina class. So cute.

Emily Pearl Drew said...

Those bags are gorgeous! And I love that you are in 15th grade... lol! :D I still have to get my jingly scarf for belly dancing class!