Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ballet/Taekwondo/Gymnastics Kids

I always said that I wasn't going to put my children into lessons until they were at least six. . . . this year I broke down and put everyone into something because I have no more convictions. . .or something. Anyhow, Isaac is taking Taekwondo, Eve is in dance, or as she calls it, "ballerina class", and Esther-loo is doing gymnastics. This week they had their first lessons so we had to document the moments with pictures!

Eve in ballerina class- you can't see but her teacher is a man. It was so cute to see him teaching his little flock of girls. Eve is actually awesome in her class, despite the plies you see below. (I am trying not to judge on the first day)

Isaac in class. The teacher turns around with the pool noodle and they have to duck or jump over.

Esther in mid-jump. Ok, I think she is incredibly adorable in her gymnastics ensemble! What a little poser.
We'll work on the sickled feet. Ah! Not a show mom, not a show mom, not a show mom. . .


Sarah and Ryan said...

They are all so cute! Ester is definitely in the right class. She is tiny and fearless. She will be a world class gymnast. I cannot believe those cute kids are getting so big. Isaac looks so grown up sitting on his bike.

Cheryl said...

Very cute!! They look like they are having sooo much fun!

Try to reign in the dancer critiquing!! They are little girls and they are just beginning the long road to perfection! Let them love the journey!

When does Isaac get to wear a sassy white outfit???

Emily said...

I know, I know. I am stifling the teacher/perfectionist/mother/critic instinct a LOT. I am enjoying their cuteness and exploration of new movement. . .with minimal judging. . . consciously. I think the worst thing is their not listening to the teacher. That is the big thing we are working on. Technique will come only if they will listen!

Rahni said...

I have never before heard the term "sickled feet" but it sounds bizarrely awesome. Or awesomely bizarre.

pamela said...

I have no idea what a sickled foot is. Perfect matches all. Love 'em!