Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lower. . . lower. . . . ugh

Yesterday we went to the park for a couple of hours. I spent about a half hour swinging on various swings and walking about. . . . Today the baby appears to be at least four inches lower than she was yesterday so SOMETHING is going on in there. . . at least things are going in the right direction!
Now I feel like everything in my pelvic floor is being constantly smashed with a hammer when I walk- fun! No serious contractions, though, so who knows???

Oh, and my husband informed me two days ago that he will be gone for the weekend- he must go work in Salt Lake. Fun!
Luckily, my mother is driving down and she will be here Saturday so if I actually go into labor on my due date, someone will be there with me other than hospital personnell!

I decided today that I am officially tired of being pregnant.
So, baby, your eviction notice has been served!!

Oh, and we have a tentative name that we agreed on yesterday:
Leah Pearl
Pearl is a mixing of our mothers' names, hee hee. Ok, we don't use all the letters from both names- but they are all present in one or the other! (Pamela and Cheryl)
So, yea.
Stay tuned for more exciting news. . . .


Katie The Lady said...

Is it just so awkward when they drop low? Neither of my kids ever dropped- up until I went to the hospital, they were both high in my ribs!

I can't wait to see baby pictures real soon!!!

Heidi said...

Tommy dropped on Monday, but he kept one hand where he could punch me. He came out hand first- like Superman, only upside-down. I'm sure Leah will come soon. Love the name btw.

pamela said...

Love the name!