Sunday, September 16, 2007

A sleeping Esther is a thing of beauty!

Our darling youngest is a small bundle of never-ending energy. She goes and goes and goes all day without stop! Well, that's not entirely true- she is forced to take a nap every day, so maybe that is the source of her power or something. . . This picture was taken one night when I got home from rehearsal late and she was passed out in the hallway. It's just a rare sighting to see her asleep, so I captured the moment for posterity!


Bill and Tara said...

Oh she looks so precious!!! And you know that energy is going to be SO cool to have when it's directed towords something like, say, ballet, or gymnastics, or school, etc. :) She is such a cutie!

Cheryl said...

What an adorable little cherub! They really are sweet when they are asleep! I like Esther's energy, it keeps me moving. Best exercise program around!! Too bad she doesn't come often!!
:p( I could really be skinny!!