Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hurry up, Spring!

We at the Darby household are sooooo ready for that wonderful changing of seasons that brings flowers and green grass and the end of the semester! The past few weeks have had quite a few warm and wonderful days interspersed with freezing rain, hail, and snow. Weirdness. I've been told that it's "just Utah" but I am ready for the cold to go and the warm to stay!
I'm not exactly looking towards pruning all the roses around our house- but I'm willing to trade that off for tulips and daffodils!
In general, we are just ready for change. It's been a difficult winter and hopefully the warming and blooming around us will help us out of the gloom a little easier!
Last week my wonderful sister Hilary went into the MTC in preparation for her calling to the Brussels, Belgium mission. It was hard to see her go but peaceful because I know this was a great thing for her to do. I already miss her presence and skills as my number 1 babysitter- but it will be ok.
The week before last my mother came down and did some shopping for Hil so she wouldn't look like a stereotypical "dumpy-looking" sister missionary. (As if she could if she tried!) My mother ALSO bought Eve and Esther-loo realy cute dresses- which they wore today at church. Yes, don't faint, we actually went to church. SO when we got home I marched them to the backyard and took some pictures. Isaac got a cool tee shirt instead of a dress so we just took pics of him in his self-chosen church clothes. SO enjoy the cute spring monkies!


Cheryl said...

The pictures are great! What adorable children you have!! The girl look great in their dresses!!

I think it is spring up here so you ought to come visit!!

Lots of love to all!!

pamela said...

Hil would never, ever look anything other than great. What sweet little girls in beautiful dresses - and Isaac looked fantastic too.