Friday, May 14, 2010

Too Much Cuteness

There is a whole lot of cuteness going on here at the Darby house! Here is a picture of the littlest Darby in her first dress last Sunday- so cute!

A cute big brother with his sissy- he LOVES to hold her and constantly asks if he can do so. . . in the middle of Primary. . . . when he's supposed to be getting dressed for school . . .
We caught it! The cutest baby pout face! Ah, sometimes the camera is kind.

Esther's grumpy face- also too cute.
Eve this morning holding Leah- nice bedhead, right? And you may not be able to tell- but Leah has her first Baby Spike hair today!
Leah is growing and developing right on schedule. She had her first visit with her pediatrician at his office on Tuesday. She has gained almost a whole pound- weighing in at a whopping *8 pounds and 4 ounces!* Leah is definitely our fattest baby thus far. She is the 50% for height and weight. Her head, however, is a bit smaller (thank you!) in the 30th%.


Katie The Lady said...

What a little face maker!!-hahaha! She is so dang cute! And as for you... You are not allowed to look so skiny and good after having a baby! It's just not fair for the rest of us!! You look fantastic!

The Girl said...

Wow, that is most definitely one of the cutest baby pout faces in the whole world. Way to go! What a cute family.

pamela said...

Love the photos! Leah is cute even when mad. cute, cute, cute

Ben or Sarah said...

Love the latest pictures! Wish I could hold her too. And you do look great!