Friday, June 4, 2010

Caught Up in the Rush

Thursday evening, Patrick went to kick of the summer in style and go mountain biking with his good friend Steve. . . . a few hours later I got a call from the ER. The picture you see above was taken seconds before a doomed crash-landing that took the life of Patrick's clavicle. Ok, it didn't die- but it sure is fractured. I wish I could scan the X-rays he brought home and put them on here because they are textbook examples of a broken collarbone!
He didn't stick his landing but he survived and that is the important thing. Right now he's on some fantastic drugs and camped out in the swiveling/reclining rocking chair in the living room with water, more drugs, and the tv remote close at hand (in reach of his one good hand not immobilized by the sling)!
It should take 3-6 weeks for him to be healed enough to go back to regular activity.
Hopefully, he'll be a fast healer and be on the short end of recovery time!


Cheryl said...

Poor thing! I hope he heals fast! Nice picture! Patrick looks so hard core!!

Adam B said...

At least you got a good picture out of it!

pamela said...

Poor, poor Patrick. I hope you are doing better.