Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Day of Snow!

When I say "first" I REALLY mean first! Our children haven't really experienced snow since we've been living in lovely snow-free environments these past six years. The most snow we got was in VA- a light sugar-coating that melted two seconds after the sun came out! So, it was really exciting to see a wonderful fluffy blanket of snow this morning when we woke up!
Of course, it was mostly melted by the evening but we did manage to get this one photo for your viewing enjoyment- Oh, and the picture may be posed but those poor little cherubs all got hit with snowballs after the camera stopped rolling, beastly father!


Cheryl said...

Big beast, pelting my grandchildren with snowballs!! I only regret that I wasn't there to help him!! How fun for the kids to experience snow for the first time!! I on the other hand am enjoying the sunshine and warmth up here in my neck of the woods!!

Lots of love!!

Bill and Tara said...

OH, we missed it! We were gone in Cali during the weekend, it looks like fun, my kids would have loved it. Thankgoodness there is more to come, (much, much more!)