Monday, October 1, 2007

a snack

These days you never know what your kids are going to do when you're not paying attention. My kids make video blogs.


Ryan said...

You two are the cutest chefs in the whole world! I've never seen a peanut butter and honey sandwich made so well. Next time show me how to make pancakes!

pamela said...

Sure looks good! Have you tried peanut butter, honey and banana?
I can't wait until your next blog!
Chinook loves to hear your voices!

Cheryl said...

Do I detect some budding reality stars in the making??? That was amazing!! Did Eve get to eat any at the end? I couldn't tell. Thanks for sharing!!

Mari said...

So funny Emily! I am so glad you put the video up - it inspired me to figure out what I was doing wrong! I have been trying for awhile now. My computer was doing something weird?! Anyhow, Awesome! Your kids are so cute and silly, (just like their mom!)

lOTS O love


Bill and Tara said...

OH MY CUTENESS!!! Reminds me alot of Josh making his PB and H sandwiches, except that we do not have an Eve, and she just makes the video for me! She just cracks me up! Can't wait for another get-together with you guys, Josh has been asking for his new friend to come come over soon! love you guys!!!