Sunday, March 16, 2008

Changing Life

This blog is not incorrectly-named- our lives here have been so different. Patrick is home waaaay more often and I am gone more often. It's not bad- it's just different and it has taken some adjusting too- and we're still constantly adjusting! We have been here in Utah for almost a year! I can hardly believe it. We left Virginia last year on St. Patrick's Day- it took us five days to drive here but I count the beginning as the day we left. So tomorrow will be our one-year anniversary of our new life.
Many things are the same:
We still have roses to tend- about a thousand more here than in VA
My cell phone! Though, I had to add a text-messaging plan since I am a texting-fool (By the way, that is still the best way to get a hold of me)
The midgets- just a year taller and smarter.
Our stuff is still the same, though Patrick has been a lovely shelf-building maniac lately so we have a few new additions and our house is getting more organized as things have new homes to live in!
The best thing, I think, about living here is being so near our family, and even a few friends we've made while being far away! We loved being able to go to Easter and Thanksgiving at my grandparents' house and Christmas with the Ekstroms in WA! It has been so awesome.

BUT everything else is waaay different:
My hair- did I mention that I'm blonde? Oh, and Friday Hil and I went a shade even lighter.
We are going to school!
No one is working, though that will change this summer since Patrick wants me to get a job.
Our ward is our block- weird. It boggles the mind how many people are members here! Here, you assume everyone IS one until told otherwise- everywhere else we've ever been has been COMPLETELY opposite!
The BEST thing is that we are near our family- and even some friends we've picked up these past few years along the way!
It was so awesome to go to Easter and Thanksgiving at the greatgrandparents and Christmas with my family was awesome. It is just so incredibly awesome- we've been dreaming of what it would be like for years now and though we aren't visiting as much as we imagined, it is just so nice to by by our family!


Bill and Tara said...

Good to see a post from you, I have wondered how you guys are doing. Isn't it amazing how much can happen and change in a year? Some years, not so much changes, but then others, it's like life takes such drastic turns. It's incredible someone's life can turn upside down and take off at light speed in a completely different direction. I love the recap, I should do that in May, that's our 1 year mark. :) I may not be the best at keeping in touch these days, but I love you!

Katie L said...

Wait! He's making you get a job and he doesn't have one? That just sounds backwards-hahaha! Sometimes changes are really good, and it is nice to be so close to family! I hope this has been a great change for your family!!

rsdarby said...

You know I perfectly understand why Patrick would send you out into the workforce rather than himself. Think about it, you get paid according to what your worth and you guys have to afford to eat.

Mari said...

Pictures, I want pictures!

Cheryl said...

Congratulations on your 1 year in Utah anniversary! You did it! Wahooo!!

It is true how quickly life can change in a year. I love these markers because they give us a chance to look back a little bit and see what progress we have made, if any!! Keep plugging along and you will be amazed at where else life will take you!

It was good to see a new post on here, but I agree with Mari, where's the pictures???

Lots of love!!

Anonymous said...

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