Sunday, February 24, 2008

My New Hair

Ahhh! HELP!!! I can feel my brains leaching out! AHHHHHH!!!
Yep, it is true, the rumors are correct, I am now half blonde.
My entire ballroom team is going blonde for our competition in England at the end of the semester. I, having never colored my hair in any manner besides one failed attempt in high school, have been collecting advice on the best way to go about becoming a blondie. I heard from most people of some experience that the best way to do it is gradually. SO, I found a place and they did a "slice" which basically means that a little more than half my hair is now blonde. It is awesome. And scary. But awesome.
Patrick says that I have, "Tiger stripes."
Unfortunately, the lighting when I was taking pictures wasn't all that great so you can't really get the full effect- but these pictures are the best. . . . well, except for the first one which is my impression of my sisters' scared face they make for the camera often. hee hee
Oh, yeah, if you look really hard at the UVSC competition photos below you can kind of tell my hair is different because I did it the day of the waltz/mambo competitions- which also explains my insane makeup. No, I do not wear fake eyelashes on a regular basis!


Cheryl said...

I like your hair, and I LOVE the big eyelashes! I am tempted to wear them all the time!! hee, hee! (I'm going to get some really big ones like your, though!!)

That first picture IS pretty scary! It does remind me of the picture Hil took of herself on my phone!!

Lots of love!!


Katie L said...

It is always a real shame when reds have to go blond- I actually think more blonds should dye their hair red -hahah!

The Tiger stripes sound crazy! And you'll have to post pictures when you are all the way blond!

Mari said...

So, you are letting Utah get to you, huh? I warned you about the blonde high-lights!!

I do not think I have ever seen a red-head dye their hair blonde before? I have been high-lighting my hair since I was 17 -- though it has been about a year since I have had it done! Just a warning -- when your roots start growing out -- BEWARE!! Yikes!

I must agree with Katie about blondes going red. Red hair is my favorite. Always has been! Blondes are lame and generic (I know I am a hypocrite) my only choice is blonde -- I would look lame as a red-head!

Well, my favorite red-head is no longer red. It is a sad, sad day. :-(

Bill and Tara said...

You will go back as soon as the semester is over, right? You are NO Utah-chic, so don't let it sink in!!! (but you do look pretty awesome in ALL the pictures with your striped hair and eye Lashes, VEERY Diva) But honestly, you could dye your hair a million colors and you would still be stunning!

Emily said...

Never fear, my beloved red-head fans, I will be returning to my natural color when I am finished with the tour!

Sarah and Ryan said...

Your hair looks great Emily. Tell Patrick he can shove it with his tiger stripe comment; I love it. It is a good look for you. You look hot!!