Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Husbandology! Mom did it so I thought I would, too.

What’s his name? Patrick Thomas Darby

How long have you been together? Married 8 1/2 years.

How long did you date? It was at least a few months . . . .

How old is he? He is an old, old, OOOOOOOLD man: 30!

Who eats more? I think I actually eat more lately because I am burning calories like mad!

Who said I love you first? I do not know. Let's just say it was him. . . heh heh heh

Who is taller? Patrick is waaaaay taller. He's a 6 footer and I like to say I am 5'4".

Who is smarter? We're pretty evenly paced so I will not say that either is smarter than the other.

Who does laundry? Oh, laundry is the root of all evil! Lately, he's been washing it and then leaving the clean laundry in a heap for me to fold.

Who does the dishes? We both do.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Who cares? AND- which side are we referring to as "right"- is that when you are looking at the bed from the foot or if you were lying on the bed?

Who pays the bills? Patrick is our billpayer.

Who mows the lawn? Generally, Patrick has been the mower. I take a turn with the lawnmower occasionally but he's good at going and hacking down the jungle growth. Right now, this question is a little obsolete since our lawn is currently covered in a foot of snow. What this question should ask is: Who shovels the driveway? AND the answer to that question would be: Patrick, occasionally. ME, mostly. I find it very therapeutic.

Who cooks dinner? Patrick is generally our cook. He is just so good at looking at the contents of our cupboards and throwing together something fantastic. I tend to either do some kind of pasta or grilled cheese sandwiches. Mmmm. .

Who drives when you are together? I allow Patrick to drive but occasionally I will take over when he is tired.

Who is more stubborn? It is a toss-up.

Who asked out who first? Patrick asked me out and then didn't call me. It's a loooong story but I'll tell it to you for a dollar!

Who has more siblings? We are tied for this- but he wins for brothers and I win for sisters!

Who wears the pants in the family? This is another inane question but I will answer it saying that we attempt to work together to decide things and we both enjoy wearing pants- though Patrick is very uncomfortable in a skirt. . .


Cheryl said...

Well done! Thanks for the visual of Patrick in a skirt! What a thing to end with!!

Lots of love!!

Bill and Tara said...

Cute, I love the way you write, your personality is awesome, so is Patrick's. :) You guys ROCK!