Sunday, June 22, 2008

England Mania

Ok, here we have it, the long-awaited England post! I started out with the definite highlight of my trip- seeing "Wicked" at London's West End. It rocked. I bought a shirt.

Here is me at the Picadilly Circus stop in the underground tube system. It was interesting to see all the stops with the different themed decoration. The ones at this stop were my favorite- huge tile mosaics of hot air balloons.
Here are some of my girls from the team at Hyde Park. It was kind of dark the first time we went there, but really beautiful!

This is my friend Natalie and me on the tube, going I don't-remember-where, most likely Buckingham Palace. . .
This is me outside of Buckingham Palace. The palace itself isn't that impressive. I must be a palace snob now, but really, the palace in Sevilla is WAY cooler-looking than this, so I opted to take a picture by the humongous statues/fountains in front of the palace which were really awesome.

Natalie and me down the street from Buckingham Palace at a plaza with a few war monuments and this awesome arch. . . the name of which I must admit I have forgotten. . .

Well, it was fun, it was awesome, it wasn't long enough, but I am so glad I went! Thanks for all your help!
Oh yes, I have no pictures of the actual competition, let me just say that we won second in our Standart medley and fourth in our Latin medley. It was a great experience and so awesome to see professionals competing and to check out the other formation teams around the world!


Tara & fam said...

More pictures, those weren't nearly enough!!! The flowers look beautiful, but not as beautiful as you look! I agree with the palace, Seville is one of the better ones. I like the balloon coming out of the top of your head, very flattering. You look very glamorous in front of Wicked, tell more about it! What kind of foods did you eat? How did you sight see so much and still have energy to come in 2nd and 4th!?! You ROCK Emily! Now is the red coming back, or are you converted to blond? I'm so glad you had a good time! Talk to you later!

Emily said...

I ate a lot of bread and cheese. . . and drank water. . . and ice cream. . Oh, the Pizza Huts in England are like a semi-fancy restaurant and they have the best dessert- it's a huge cookie, basically, served with ice cream. . . I had a few of those. When we were in Blackpool (somehow I have no pictures of it) we ate at our bed and breakfast for breakfast and dinner and the owner is a gourmet chef. Oh, those happy days of lamb and roast and puddings! Ah, the puddings! (dessert to us Americans) English desserts must be swimming in custard. Yum. I ate well in Blackpool, to say the least! London we were left to whatever we bought so I had a lot of fast food and, of course, the traditional fish and chips.

Cheryl said...

I agree that this post is picture shy. Bring on more!! It looks like a really fun trip! We will have to go there on our way to Prague!!

Lots of love!