Monday, June 30, 2008

Tall Tales

Patrick says:

Eve can be a little tattle-tale once in a while and she definitely will pass the buck if given the chance. So, tonight when she came to me with a giant bowl filled with graham crackers and corn chips and said that Isaac did it, I was a little suspicious. But I gave her the benefit of the doubt and called Isaac. When he came into the room I asked him if he did it. He immediately looked sheepish and I expected him to pull a politician and deny everything. What I wasn't prepared for was his answer.
"Isaac, did you do this?" I asked.
"Yes," he replied. "It came out of my ear."
I was sure I didn't hear him right.
"What?" I said.
"It came out of my ear."
"Are you telling me that this bowl of chips bigger than your head came out of your ear?"
"Yes." He timidly responded.
I was too boggled at this outlandish tale to even begin to be mad, so I decided to play along. "How did it get there?"
"I was born with it." He said without pausing.
At this point I had to call his bluff, but man, do I really look that stupid?


Tara & fam said...

Um, that is a wierd set of comments. If you don't know that person, delete those, they are giving me the creeps. I hate blog spam commentors. But I'm sorry if that is one of your friends Patrick.:)

Ok, that was a great story! He just came up with that? Silly Isaak. What a creative soul. And that is the best "stupid" face I have ever seen from a "non-stupid" person, good one Patrick! You have talent man!!!

Tara & fam said...

whoops, sorry "Isaac". It's late, and I can't even spell right during the day! :)

Emily said...

Yeah, those comments were kind of freaking me out, too. . . .

Cheryl said...

OK, did I miss the comments?

I am still baffled by all the stuff that Isaac had in his ear. When did you bathe him last?? I think that he had better come stay with Grandma for a few days so that I can get his ears clean!!

Ummmmm Nice face, Patrick!! Is that your dufus look???

pamela said...

Now I'm wondering what the comments were. Great story Isaac!

Krista said...

Muhuahahahaha....that sounds like the best cover-up story I've ever heard. How can you punish him if he can't help it because he was born with it? So funny! And yes, we are coming down to Provo in two weeks for a dance camp. You see, we are fat and old and veeeeery rusty, and we have reached the end of what we can teach our little teenage minions without further instruction. Hence....a week at a dance camp without children!!! Yay!!! Of course we are only excited about the camp...we would never want to dump our kids for a week........hehehe....yay!!!!