Thursday, July 24, 2008

Recipe: Two drops sunshine and a little bit o' rain

Hot summer days made for a little bit of family bonding as our apricot tree and our plum tree both had ripe fruit ready to pick. We decided to try our hand at making some jam. Emily's first batch was combination apricot-plum...and it was so good! But our little apricot tree doesn't pack on the fruit yet but luckily our neighbor's tree was loaded. On our way we decided ask our other neighbor if we could pillage their plum tree. (last year they just let all the fruit fall to the ground.) We got a huge bucket and didn't even make a dent in the amount of plums still hanging.

Then we attacked the apricot tree. The apricots were so ripe that every time I reached for one, two would fall off. Luckily, Isaac had brought the butterfly net so we held the net under and caught the little apricots that were trying to get away.

Isaac was a trooper. He was a willing picker. Esther made a token attempt on the plums but Eve had better things to do.

Emily became the master jam maker. All the jars were beautiful and set quickly. (unlike last year's grape jelly which is still very sweet juice.)

And the masterpiece!


Tara and family said...

That looks so yummy!!!! I have never tried making jam before, but I should one of these days, might be good bonding for Jade and I. :) That tree looks overflowing, honestly! You guys would be doing your neighbors a favor if you just cleaned the trees up, and then you could always share a jar or something? You guys are so good, even with how busy you both are, you do such fun things with your kids. We need to be more like that. All Josh could come up with in his birthday questionare is "video games" for fun activities. That's just sad. Now I want to go make some jam! Partly to have something sweet to eat my guilt away, and partly to have some fun with the kids! hehe :) And you manage to look beautiful even in your grubbies making jam, you rock Emily!!!

pamela said...

What a great family time! Isaac looks so high - no wonder he is a great fruit picker. And the jam is so pretty. Can't wait to sample some!

Cheryl said...

Hurray for jam!! I love the pictures of the kids picking. Isaac is really brave to go to the top of the ladder and then reach for the fruit!!

You really are lucky to live so close to free fruit!!

Lots of love!

Katie L said...

Nice! I love fruit trees and all the wonderful (free) food they provide! Your jam looks divine! I have never ever made jam before, infact I have never canned ANYTHING before! It would be a handy skill to have during certain times of the year-hahaha!