Sunday, August 10, 2008

Proof that Darbys CAN dance!

Ok, yes, we all know that Emily can dance. That's why I married her. We needed some musical/dancer blood in the family.

Here is proof that I, Patrick, can also dance. I competed in the BYU Summer Dancesport competition on saturday. I danced in Bronze Quickstep & Samba and Silver Waltz and Rhumba. I had three different partners and basically danced for two hours straight.

Rhumba didn't go so well as we didn't make it past the first round. 

Waltz was a horrible mess. Even though I thought that my partner and I were competitive, during the first round we got cut off and ran into so many times that I was sure that we weren't going to be called back. To my surprise, we made it to the semi-finals.

Samba & Quickstep ended up being the best as we placed fifth for Samba and fourth for Quickstep. Yeah for me. Here's the proof.

p.s. Emily's show on Friday was awesome. She finally got the chance to do some solos and she blew everyone away. If you haven't seen her dance yet turn off the computer right now. Go get in your car and drive to UVU. Wait outside the theater until her next show. Yes, I know her next show isn't for several months but you don't want to miss it.


Tara and family said...

OK, that's pretty darn cool Patrick. I'm impressed. Post a schedule of Emily's performances, I know we can all go to the website outselves, but it makes it easy when you have a link or something. And since some of us lazy friends, (but busy moms), just take time to quickly hit a blog and not search for anything else, a link or schedule on the sidebar would be nice :) It is really awesome you both are so talented!

Cheryl said...

White men might not be able to jump, but it looks like they can kick butt (did I say that???) dancing!!!

Way to go~!

pamela said...

Yeah! Talent in the blood! Way to go, Patrick.

Laurie said...

Hey you guys! That is soooo awesome! You guys rock!! This is Laurie another Alaska friend. You guys are in Utah?? We have all got to get together some time!! You have such an awesome family!