Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birthday Eve

Yesterday was Eve's birthday!  My little fluffy princess is five years old!  AH!!! 
She is such a little ray of sunshine in our lives and I am so grateful for her!  
Eve loves to draw and dance and just be a little crazy kid!  

For her birthday we ate cake and sang the birthday song and she got to open her presents.  She had a good day.

Ok, the pictures are in the wrong order- but here are some pictures of the Eve in her new and fantastic birthday clothes!  THe pink leo is from us and the blue princess monstrosity is from from Grandma and Grandpa Ekstrom!  She is such a little poser.  I love photo booth! 



Cheryl said...

Monstrosity???? I think it is wonderful!! I can just see her pirouette-ing and passe-ing all over the house!! Does she have both outfits on in the pictures??? It looks like she liked her present!

Emily said...

She DOES pirouette and leap and releve all over the house. AND yes she has both of them on- the pink long-sleeved thing is the leo and the wonderfully poofy princess dress is the one you sent.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Eve!!! We miss you!