Monday, November 10, 2008

Shed a tear until next year

I posted this last year on my "other" blog. But I think it needs re-posting.

As I looked out the curtains late Halloween night, I could see a few last hard-core trick or treaters scouring the neighborhood for any fool that was still passing out candy. My own bowl was empty so I reached over and flicked the light switch, banishing ghouls and ghosts for another year. my head I could still hear the happy screams of terror and the excited giggles of three year-olds with a mouth full of tootsie rolls. I paused, before I turned around, to savor the "haunted sounds" soundtrack that we play on a loop. But something was WRONG! The music had stopped! I felt my pulse quicken in my veins. Was this Halloween turning turning into a real nightmare? Without warning, the stereo came back on full force. A low bass vibrated through my bones, while a sharp ringing penetrated my ears drums! It was happening again. Just like last year. I was forced to my knees. Using every bit of strength left in me I crawled towards the stereo. The pain was excruciating. Next to the cd player my wife stood with an eerie smile on her face. She looked at me and laughed. I felt a tear well up in my eye. How could she do this to me? After all these years? I looked at her. She looked at me. Then, she opened her mouth and starting singing along to the music "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas! It's the best time of the year!"

Yes, even before the cobwebs have cleared from Halloween, my wife starts torturing me with Christmas music. It won't stop until after Easter.


Cheryl said...

Hurray for Christmas music!! I love the 'haunting' melodies!

Tara and family said...

I LOVE Halloween, but I usually start setting up Christmas the day after. I completely pass Thanksgiving. I guess I just like red better. I love Christmas music too, I think we could listen to it year round.
So when are you going to post something about your dress?

Mari said...

Charles "requested" that I not play Christmas music until the week before Thanksgiving. I have already failed, on a daily basis!
:-) I tried, I really tried!

Heather said...

Very dramatic - way to go Emily!