Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Slaughter!

SO we decided that we would go the the city's Easter egg hunt Saturday morning. (There were about five different ones going on- all at the same time.) The event started at 10am sharp so we headed out a little later than planned (as usual) and arrived minutes before 10- like two minutes before. I realized we had forgotten the camera so I dropped the munchkins and Paddy off and headed back to the house to get it- it took me one minute there, one minute to find it- and one minute to get back. Patrick called me as I was approaching a block away to say that "it" was over. "What?! It started a minute ago!" The organizers of the event planned on each child getting five eggs and Patrick said that it took approximately thirty seconds for the egg population to be decimated. By the time I arrived, the masses of children and hoovering parents was diminishing so we did not get any pictures at the actual park- but I have one of them meeting me at the Albertson's parking lot across the street. SO when we got home I made them pose with the catch.

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Cheryl said...

Holy Cow! Those things can sure go fast! Looks like they had fun, though!