Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Concert 2009

It was another lovely week in Orem, UT as my ballroom team had its concert this last week!
Here are some pictures of yours truly in some numbers! Enjoy.

Sirenes de la Fete- otherwise known as the "hot momma" dance since Kelly and I are featured in the beginning and we are the only two mothers on team- she has an adorable little baby.

Neverland Waltz- a Vienesse Waltz with a random ballerina solo by yours truly. Ok, this picture is kinda bad but it's because I am jumping!

Una Furtiva Lacrima- an American waltz. I am dancing with Ira. We rock this dance!

Being a Girl: our opener- a sort of Broadway-esk number with hats canes, and feather fans- FUN stuff! I am dancing with David and you can see Kelly and Dai in the backgroun d.

Laughter in the Rain- a foxtrot that ROCKS! I am dancing with David again. I put pictures of this dance up in my last concert post so this is it for now! I love these dresses, though.

Below: Latin Medley pics in no particular order. This first two are from a flamenco section that was actually choreographed by me.

The beginning. Can you guess which one is me?

New York Hustle: from Legally Blonde, the musical. I have a lovely featured part in this one as well. We look like alien gogo dancers- but these costumes are better than the pink potatoe sacks we were wearing last semester!

AND laSt- but not least- the Got 'N Ida comedy- it's a quickstep with four couples that all end up being killed. It doesn't SOUND funny- but it really is when you watch it- in a dark and twisted way. This is Nate killing me by breaking my neck.

And, me dead. Awesome. Don't worry- it's just pretend!


Tara and family said...

That looks so awesome!!! is the concert over? Are there any more performances? You need to post this stuff, or it's probably on the school website and I just have not looked? You are GORGEOUS!!!

Cheryl said...

I need the address of that punk that killed you so that I can take him out!

I'm sorry that we missed the concert! IT looks amazing! Next year invite us!

pamela said...

Ahhh You are so beautiful! I wish I could have been there.

Katie L said...

Those are stunning pictures!!! Oh, how I wish I had a talent to improve and dancing. You lucky, lucky girl!