Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crazy Reserve Weekend

This weekend we were in Salt Lake City for Patrick's Navy Reserves family week. Of course, I don't have any actual photos of the Navy stuff- BUT I did bring the laptop and take some for other places we went!
Keep in mind that I am half-blinded by the sun while taking these and I can barely tell what I am taking a picture of, since the sun is shining on the laptop screen. We couldn't find our camera before we went. . . . SO here ya go:

This is us resting on our way back from this park-esk location down from the parking lot across the street from the capitol building. The way down was pretty steep and we had to rest often on our way up in the hot, hot sun!

Small monkies outside the visitor's office across the street from UT Capitol building.

A crazy little boy and his mother.

Esther-loo outside the UT Capitol building.

Here is Isaac outside the UT Capitol building. He posed himself.


pamela said...

What wonderful photos! Amazing considering you forgot your camera. Thanks for posting.

Bill and Tara said...

That is really cool. Another example of why I am bad, I live SO close to things and never take my kids out. You guys are awesome! And when did laptops have cameras in them? I am so behind the times!

Cheryl said...

You can take pictures with your computer? Crazy stuff!!

Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

Lots of love!!