Thursday, May 29, 2008

A lone man in the wilderness...with my mom and kids

Day 5: The natives have become restless. Five days without their mother has left them in a feral state, half-child...half-beast.

I suppose Emily is doing well. I think she is having to much fun to let me know. Her Standard Medley team got 2nd place. Those darn Germans gave a bigger bribe to the judges. Darn dollar isn't worth squat in England.

My Mom has been a huge help with her gone. My brother Aaron got a new camera from my brother Joseph and gave his to us, so I took some pictures. Here they are. Isaac, Eve, Esther with their cousins Jenny and Allison.


Cheryl said...

Nice blog, Patrick!! You should do it more often!! (It is nice to have something new to check out once in awhile! I love the flasy picture thing! What a cool way to get lots of pictures on there! How did you do that?

OK, the kids do look kind of feral, especially the girls with their hair all in their faces!! It looks like they are well fed and having fun so it is all good!

Pam!! I wish that I was down there to visit with her! IT looks like she is having fun being Grandma!!

Fill me in if your wife ever makes contact! We would love to know how she fares!

Lots of love to everyone!

Bill and Tara said...

I bet she is doing fantastic! And I bet it feels awesome to be out of the country again! I agree with Cheryl, kids look well fed, and the hair is as I would expect for dad. (Jade's hair was the same when Bill would watch her when she was little) You are a pretty great dad Patrick, all kids need are laughter and food anyway. :) Way to go Paddy-Daddy!!!