Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

It was a beautiful day in Provo today! The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, the children were singing. . . . a great Mother's Day!
It began with a pile of chocolate and a wonderful breakfast- what day starting out with chocolate could go badly? I was also able to conduct the Primary chorus singing, "Mother, I Love You" in Sacrament meeting. It rocked. They were so cute and sang so nicely, I was very proud of them!
After church we went to our good friends' house for dinner.
It was a very nice day.
Patrick and I have been busy these last few days, working up our Mother's Day present to our mothers- SO, just keep in mind that we are not professionals- but we hope you like your present!
I have a great mother- and a great mother-in-law- Patrick and I like to say that we totally lucked out. My mother is my example and the person I go to when I have a question or I just need some inspiration. Paddy's mom is the most patient woman in the world! You'd have to be with seven boys! SO, Mom, and Mom, we love you!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!


Cheryl said...

Excuse me, while I run and get a tissue and wipe the tears.

That was beautiful! What a wonderful Mother's Day treasure!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lots of love!

Emily said...

Whah HAH HA!!
Our Evil Mother's Day Plan has been achieved! We wanted to make our Mommies cry and we did! Yea!

Bill and Tara said...

And you also made any other mommy who watches that cry!!! I want to run and hug my little babies right this moment! (except 2 of them are in school and my caboos is alseep) That is such a beautiful gift Emily! I feel bad that all I did was call my mothers. maybe next year I can do something this special. Talk to you soon! (our summer is a bit nutty with summer school for both the kids, but we will have more time to get together than we have during the school year) :)

Heather & Kids said...

We loved the video. Always great to hear you sing. We miss you all!!!

pamela said...

What a beautiful mother's day present! Thank you! I love it! Squeeze everyone for me. Love you.

Sarah and Ryan said...

That is the cutest thing ever. My nieces and nephew are pretty dog on cute! And your voice Emily- BEAUTIFUL!

rsdarby said...

It was okay. Nothing compared to Iron Man, now that made me cry.

rsdarby said...

Okay, I lied. That was the cutest thing I've ever seen...and I haven't seen Iron Man. That was just the bitterness of knowing my genes will never produce such adorable offspring . All my future children can really hope for is sympathy pats on the head.