Monday, February 2, 2009


Christmas was a month ago. . . some people aren't very good at timely blogging. . . ahem- anyhow, I though some few pictures from the even were needed, despite their tardiness.
SO, in a kind of random order ( I still have no clue how to arrange these in the order I want) here you are: Christmas in a nutshell as seen through our camera. There are actually a lot more pictures but we didn't take them since our camera was MIA a few days before and during Christmas. If you want more, check out my mother's blog. SO, here ya go:

First off, a synopsis of our trip: We drove to my parents' house in WA around the 17th of December and spent about three weeks there. We left Provo during a blizzard- go figure- and the crossing of Oregon was also spent with snow billowing around us, though most of that was kicked up by semis driving in front of us. We made it there, about 17 hours after we started out- oh yes, we were all ready to exit the vehicle!

Here is Isaac, a few days after Christmas, reading his new book from G&G Darby. It's the "Dangerous Book for Boys" and he is still reading it. It's basically a smorgasbord of random "manly"-themed entries- sort of like an encyclopedia.
Esther and Eve with thier new and very freaky dolls from Grandma Darby. We are all both really entertained by those dolls and a little frightened.

Eve and Esther with thier second wave of Christmas after a box arrived from G&G Darby. (This picture should have been first in this series)

The fate of gingerbread houses. We all made one- it was a lot of fun! After Christmas, Grandma Ekstrom told Eve she could eat the houses- and here she is.

About the second day we were in WA we went sledding. These pictures are the monkies getting ready to go.

This is a picture of us starting out the journey. The children have their apples, their blankies, and their entertainment!

Patrick is not apprehensive at all at the thought of driving in a blizzard.


Tara and family said...

I love it! Those pictures are great!!! I guess I will have to check your mom's blog to see pics of you? I bet Patrick made the 17hr trip quite interesting. Was he able to keep that fun attitude the ENTIRE time? :) I am impressed. Glad you had a wonderful holiday and back safe! :)

Cheryl said...

Great pictures! There is just too few! We are suffering from withdrawl symptoms!! Come back!!

Rahni said...

Excellent book choice, G&G Darby! "The Dangerous Book for Boys" always reminds me of my long-pined-for dream of purchasing the hovercraft featured in the back of the Boy's Life magazines every month. Great pictures--sounds like quite the drive. ;o)

pamela said...

What a great Christmas!
And a whole gingerbread house to eat? yum!