Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crazy People

What kind of people like to get up insanely early in the morning and dance for hours?
This weekend there was a ballroom competition, the Alpine Classic, at Spanish Fork HS. Friday evening I competed in two class events- the gold American waltz and the gold/gold bar foxtrot. My partner (Chad Nelson) and I ended up getting second in both events- which is pretty good since I haven't been to gold bar standard OR gold American for about three weeks!
And now for the funny story of this morning:
Preface: The first time my partner and I have been able to get together was Tuesday. We threw together what we could remember of last semester's gold bar rumba and made up part of a samba. Thursday we got together again and finished our samba.
We met at the comp at 7 this morning- (the event began at 8.) Well, we WOULD have if I hadn't have been delayed looking for my shoes and the camera- which I never found. I ended up getting there at fifteen 'till and I am sure my partner, whose name is Tyler Butler, was freaking out- but he seemed pretty calm. He is a pretty laid-back guy- and a VERY cheesy and good dancer- the perfect combination for an outstanding partner! I threw my costume on and we ran through our routines and before we knew it we were lining up for the novice latin competition.

We said before we went on that IF we made one call-back we would be overjoyed! Just one is all we asked.

There were thirty eight couples competing so we were divided into three heats.
SO, the first dance is the samba and I am totally retarded and cannot for the life of me remember what is coming next- but I fake it with a smile! Tyler was fantastic! He remembered everything. I am totally the weakest link right now.
The other two heats went and then we were back on for the rumba-which actually went really well.

We anxiously wait for results to be posted- just one callback, please!

AND we made it! YEA!! Now we can relax and just have fun because we met our goal! Now there are twenty-four couples.
The quarter-final went really REALLY well- I remembered most of our samba and the rumba went really well once again.

Somehow we made it to the semi-finals- now only twelve couples are left.
This one- not so good. We started our samba on a weird count because the music had an intro with a measure of four so we had to stop and get back on the correct phrasing. Oops! The rest was more like the first round for me, full of brain-skipping moments.
The rumba was much better. . . in the beginning. . . at the end of our routine I do this back-attitude flick that extends to the front. Unfortunately, this time as I passed my foot to the front, the heel of my shoe got itself tangled in my fishnets. I attempted to just yank it out but the yanking motion and the fact that Tyler didn't realize I was stuck and was leading the continuation of the motion, (which is a turn) not to mention my momentum, carried me to the embrace of the floor. That's right- I fell down. Not even gracefully! It was hilarious.
I guess since we had already gone so much further than we had expected, it just didn't matter. I fell down in front of a room full of people and I didn't care. Ah, the gloriousness of overachieving expectations!

So, that's the story.
There are a lot of crazy people in Utah- and I am one of them.
Oh yes, those are pictures of just me at home because I couldn't find the camera this morning. Do not worry, I will definitely get pictures at the next competition we do!

Oh yes, and my dress ROCKS. I call it the Mermaid dress- you can figure out why for yourselves.


Cheryl said...

Great story! Sorry you fell down! At least you did it with finess, right?

pamela said...

What a beautiful mermaid dress! Congratulations on overachieving.
I heard you sand a stupendous rendition of "Star-Spangled Banner"!
(I kept wanting to write Stars Banngled Banner)

pamela said...

oops. Meant 'sang"
I love the Irish there. cute little leprechaun, princess and elf there.

Hilarious said...

HEHE. You are so amazing!! I love you soo very much! And I am sure you were the best even if you did fall down.