Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

Eight years ago on Christmas Eve a precious little baby was born.
That night was very special as his mother felt like she could understand, in some small way since she didn't give birth to a baby unattended in a dirty animal stall, how the Savior's mother felt. It was love at first sight for me- as soon as I saw that tiny little baby I loved him fiercely!
Isaac has grown a bit since that night but I will always remember how it felt to hold his tiny newborn body on that special day.
One of the doctors suggested we name him "Nowell" since he was born the day before Christmas- but lucky for him we already had a name in mind!
Isaac has grown into a caring, wonderful little boy and I am so proud of him! He is a great help around the house- the handiest child for chores. He loves his little sisters and while he does enjoy tormenting them at times, he makes sure nobody else does!
Right now his obsession is playing with legos. He is also a great reader- and gobbles up youth novels like crazy! Last night he read the 200 pg. kid's version of Swiss Family Robinson in about two hours- a massive feat for an 8-year old!
Ok, enough bragging-
I am so glad that Heavenly Father entrusted such a special little boy!
Happy birthday, Isaac!

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pamela said...

I will second how fantastically awesome he is! The greatest and smartest eight year old boy in the world! I love you, Isaac!