Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shoot me now! (The dangers of finals week.)

So you suffer through an entire semester- finally making it to the last, wonderful day of classes. . . . only to have to return to take huge tests that are a huge chunk of your grade.
You are exhausted, burned out, and out of gas- but somehow you must summon your inner Zen master and overcome.
Or, you can just say, TO HECK WITH IT ALL!!
Right now, I vary between the extremes. I toy with the idea of accepting less-than-my-usual Stellar grades and just ending it so I can REST. Then the annoying other voice in my head brings up the fact that we've suffered through the semester and why on earth would we just kiss our grades goodbye now??
Ah, the inner turmoil.


Tara said...

ugh! I am SO not looking forward to that part, thanks for reminding me. I am horrible at testing. I still have a while before I start school, (waiting for residency), but then it's a 7+ yr plan for me. I'll be in my 40s when I graduate and try to support myself! It's so good you guys are getting this done now, when your kids are young! Good luck this week!

pamela said...

But the relief when it's over!
Have a great trip to Washington.

CarmineDPaynter said...
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