Monday, February 8, 2010

My baby: all grown up.

They start out so small and helpless. . . . . One day they grow up and become Cub Scouts and you wonder how time flew by so quickly!
Here is my little boy, a Cub Scout, at his first Pinewood Derby!
Isn't he so cute?
I was a little miffed at his leaders. They had the boys "do" their cars in scouts so Patrick and Isaac didn't work together to make this at all- which I feel is one of the best parts of doing a pinewood derby car. Apparently there are boys in his troup whose fathers are not willing/able to help so. . . . . I try to be accepting.
Isaac's fans cheered for his car- yes, they even did it sideways.
Isaac getting his Bobcat with the traditional upside-down presentation. :)
Isaac's car did really well. . . I think. They didn't keep track of winners but he consistently beat all but one other car. Here he is with his award for the Funkiest Car.

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Cheryl said...

Ahhhhh! Isaac booboo is a scrub scout!!??? He is adorable!! Congrats on the cool award! That is awesome!!